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BNI-the world’s most successful business networking and referral organisation

Business Network International (BNI) is the world’s leading business networking and referral organisation. With over 285,000 members in 10,500+ BNI chapters worldwide, we offer a plethora of networking and referral opportunities to help businesses succeed. BNI members shared approximately 11.5 million new client referrals in 2021, generating over $16.2 billion (USD) in income.

Joining BNI

In today’s well-connected world, it is vital to maintain a strong network of professional connections. At BNI, we help you build meaningful connections, which open doors for new business opportunities and referrals. We employ a tried and tested method for exchanging company referrals, that are both structured and supportive.

Joining BNI can help you expand your network exponentially and rapidly. We bring together business professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life under one roof to help them identify their potential through the power of networking, shared experiences, and well-structured referral marketing.

BNI is guided by the culture based on the Givers Gain® philosophy. We value referrals, professional development, and the establishment of long-term, proactive, and reciprocal commercial connections between the members. BNI has demonstrated that those who 'give' by sharing business referrals with colleagues, 'gain' in many ways, including reciprocal business.


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Expand your Business

Successful businesses are all about creating professional relationships and sustaining growth. By joining BNI, you can easily depend on us to help you achieve them both. We offer the training, structure and the technology needed for continued success.

Our proven business referral system, coupled with BNI online™, is designed to ensure that businesses collaborate by passing referral business and exploring new prospects in an organised manner. Our members flourish and grow as a result of the connections they form and the relations they develop

BNI offers a safe environment where members can have candid conversations and learn from one another by sharing their successes and challenges.

Whether you have just started your business journey or you are already an entrepreneur and looking to expand your network, you will find a plethora of opportunities with us. Visit a BNI meeting near you today to get started and take your business to new heights!

Generate quality referrals

A referred customer's lifetime value is 25% higher than that of other consumers. At BNI, we believe that if you help someone else grow their business through referrals, then you will also grow your business as well.Through our well-structured referral marketing environment,we help our members gain new consumers and discover a plethora of business opportunities.

This allows members to:

  • Gain new clients.
  • Enhance your business knowledge and skills
  • Promote your business
  • Discuss news business prospects with like-minded people.
  • Develop business relationships and create a group of trusted advisors.
  • Network and communicate over 275,000+ members in 10,500+ chapters in 77 countries worldwide.

Expand your professional network

If you're in business, you understand the value of a strong network. By joining BNI, you instantly expand your network and typically gain the networks of those in your group. We serve as a bridge between you and your prospective clients!

People prefer doing business with people they like, trust, and are familiar with. By using the power of optimism, sharing, and learning, BNI's proven referral system helps you develop strong and trusting relationships in a mutually beneficial way.

By visiting BNI, you will get a chance to form long term relationships with like-minded business experts, generate opportunities through referral marketing and expand your professional network.


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A platform empowered by different skill sets

Each member of BNI is unique in terms of skill, experience and connections.We bring together such business professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life under one roof. By interacting with them, you can identify new business opportunities and enhance your knowledge.

Furthermore, you can find solutions to many hurdles in your way and in return, you may also be able to offer a solution, connection or technique to aid another member of your chapter.

At BNI, we promote diversity of thoughts, skills and professions, where you can connect with like-minded individuals to empower your business.


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Welcome to the largest and most successful business networking organisation in the United Arab Emirates. We provide our members with the chance to network, share contacts, and, most importantly, receive business referrals.

BNI commenced its first UAE chapter in July 2005 with a vision to empower all business owners with abundant business opportunities. Today, we have successfully expanded to 18 chapters, 680 members.

We have helped BNI Dubai members with over AED 1.3 billion in business for each other till date. 35k referrals have been generated by the members over the course of last year.

Weekly BNI Meetings

Weekly Breakfast Meetings

For any entrepreneur, utilising their time in a smart and judicious way is critical to their success. As a result, BNI organises weekly breakfast meetings to maximise productivity for all members of the group.

The meetings serve as an energy-filled start to the day's business for the members. We arrange a setting that encourages and inspire our members to discuss their key challenges over a breakfast and receive the right solutions.

It motivates BNI members to learn more about one other's businesses and pass on leads.


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Want to know how BNI works? It’s time to visit a local chapter meeting near you and see for yourself. Every chapter has distinctive characteristics that can help you achieve local excellence with global reach. It only takes 90 minutes of your time and breakfast to find if BNI is right for you.

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I would not have been where I am, if I had not received the tremendous support from BNI.

I have learnt to be more accountable and hold myself to a higher standard of commitment. I have been a proud BNI member for 4 years now, and the visibility and credibility which I have received through my chapter surely reaped me with incredible rewards. I am loving this journey - I started as a BNI member and recently rewarded with the post of director consultant in BNI Deira Dubai. I owe it completely to the hand hold support I have received from my mentors and trainers in BNI. 

Amit Khosla
BNI Continental

Being in the business of Property maintenance in Dubai for over a decade, there is an endless source of opportunities in the region. However, meeting the right people and building the right relationships is not always as simple. Through its structured and professional collaborative environment, BNI enables our company to develop long-term meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. These past few years in BNI have given me endless possibilities for continual growth and development of my network through guided courses, connection building, and referral marketing, enabling me to take my company to new heights.

Through this program, I plan to keep expanding the boundaries of my business. Together let’s keep the momentum going.

Ela Kishore
BNI Synergy

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