Why Join BNI?

Imagine 60+ salesmen working for you

What the most essential thing a business requires to survive? Sales, right? Now what if we told you that we’ll introduce you to over 50 professionals, each of whom will help you sell your products or services through their network. Imagine the amount of business you’d generate.

Well, that’s why over 200,000 businesses across the globe choose BNI - to generate and provide effective referrals through the powerful medium of networking. BNI is one of the most renowned structured networking organization in the world bringing together businesspersons from different walks of lives under one roof each week to network and create business opportunities for each

How can BNI help you?

With over 10,000 chapters globally, BNI presents you with a plethora of networking opportunities both locally and internationally to build relationships, collaborate, scale up and expand.

As of 2021, present in over 72 countries with 10,000+ chapters, BNI has generated over USD 16.8 billion in business for its members globally. In UAE alone, our members have generated over (….) business, and we’re growing.

Apart from business, you get to network with like minded, noncompeting seasoned industry professionals, and get a chance to learn from BNI’s network leaders on how to use the platform to its best. Right from learning to providing you a platform for networking, BNI gives you everything you need to succeed in business.


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Referrals Work

Did you know that 92% of customers trust referrals from people they know? Because when contacts vouch for someone’s work, it establishes credibility.

BNI helps you open doors that previously might have seemed difficult by exposing you to the different networks its members have. The idea is not to sell to the room but through the room. With BNI, you get an opportunity to build relationships and credibility for your business with every single meeting.

You develop long lasting relationships with like-minded business professionals, create opportunities through referral marketing and networking, and grow your business skills.

The Benefits

Business is just one of the several things you gain with BNI. Our members have access to global training through BNI Business Builder. This online learning platform offers our members the opportunity to learn a wide range of networking and leadership skills.

They learn to identify untapped business opportunities for themselves and their fellow members. Members develop a business network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who help and inspire each other to greater success.

Members also learn how to work with others to run a successful chapter, generating significant business for members. To find out how BNI can give you more business opportunities and help you utilise referral marketing, visit a chapter.


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