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I would not have been where I am, if I had not received the tremendous support from BNI.

I have learnt to be more accountable and hold myself to a higher standard of commitment. I have been a proud BNI member for 4 years now, and the visibility and credibility which I have received through my chapter surely reaped me with incredible rewards. I am loving this journey - I started as a BNI member and recently rewarded with the post of director consultant in BNI Deira Dubai. I owe it completely to the hand hold support I have received from my mentors and trainers in BNI. 

Amit Khosla
BNI Continental

Being in the business of Property maintenance in Dubai for over a decade, there is an endless source of opportunities in the region. However, meeting the right people and building the right relationships is not always as simple. Through its structured and professional collaborative environment, BNI enables our company to develop long-term meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. These past few years in BNI have given me endless possibilities for continual growth and development of my network through guided courses, connection building, and referral marketing, enabling me to take my company to new heights.

Through this program, I plan to keep expanding the boundaries of my business. Together let’s keep the momentum going.

Ela Kishore
BNI Synergy

Ibrahim Mohammed

BNI Synergy Member

Mohammed Atfeh

BNI Gladiators Member

Shoayb Khattab

BNI Diera Dubai

Kishore Machale & Ela Kishore Machale

BNI Synergy Member


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